Non-Commercial Foodservice
Digital Marketing Services

How can we help?

We assist foodservice manufacturers:
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Sample products with potential customers, including K-12
  • List products on school bids
  • Gain distribution in non-commercial foodservice channels
  • Increase products on school menus
  • Survey food service providers for feedback on products and concepts
  • Design creative messaging
  • Deliver that messaging to target audiences
We help foodservice professionals:
  • Learn about innovative new product introductions for the industry
  • Source fresh ideas for menu concepts
  • Take advantage of promotional opportunities
  • Learn about industry trends
  • Fun contests and surveys

How exactly do we do it?


We send valuable messages to our large database of school foodservice professionals that focus on innovative products and fresh concepts on behalf of k-12 manufacturers. From surveys to new product introductions, this proves to be a valuable service to manufacturers.

Social Media

The goal of our marketing efforts is to increase touch points online for brands and specific products, which can lead to additional products being added to school bids, gaining distribution with foodservice distributors, and or increasing listings on school menus.

Google Ads

Google Ads and other digital marketing tools offer fully trackable data - with reporting on impressions served, clicks through rates, and conversions.