Food Service Promotion

Welcome!  Are you interested in connecting with hundreds of non-commercial foodservice professionals across the United States including K-12, healthcare and vending?  We provide affordable digital marketing strategies to connect food manufacturers with potential customers.

Food Service Promotion

We provide affordable digital strategies to connect foodservice manufacturers with hundreds of foodservice professionals in school nutrition, healthcare, vending and more. 

Food Service Promotion

We provide affordable digital strategies to connect food manufacturers with hundreds of Non-Commercial Food Service Professionals. 

What We Do

We provide an additional layer of communication between select manufacturers and school foodservice professionals to gain more visibility on their product line via educational opportunities, recipes, new product introductions, surveys, promotions, and remain top-of-mind in a highly competitive and fast-paced environment.



We send valuable messages to our large database of non-commercial foodservice professionals that focus on innovative products and fresh concepts on behalf of foodservice manufacturers. From surveys to new product introductions, this proves to be a valuable service to manufacturers.

Social Media

The goal of our marketing efforts is to increase touch points online for brands and specific products which can lead to additional products being added to school bids, gaining distribution with foodservice distributors, and or increasing listings on school menus.

Google Ads

We have Google Ads audiences that feature school nutrition professionals. Similar to other digital marketing tools, this platform offers fully trackable data - with reporting on impressions served, clicks through rates and conversions.

Product Applications & Recipes

The Perfect Pairing
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Boxed Meal Concepts
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Fruit & Granola Salad Recipes
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We Have Worked With Companies of All Sizes

MyFoodFinders is a great resource for foodservice professionals. Their team assists companies in finding products via their portfolio of thousands of products. We assist with marketing via newsletters and social media to find customers needing their services and specific products.

Jack Links crafts protein snacks with 100% beef, turkey, chicken, and pork. They follow a 100-year-old family recipe to perfectly craft jerky from meat marinated with select, premium ingredients and a unique blend of herbs.

Our Food Service Promotion Team

Steve Errico

Steve Errico is an experienced business executive with a breadth of education and experience in small and middle market companies in a wide range of industries. As Co-owner and Strategist at Riverworks Marketing, Steve Errico has a wealth of invaluable marketing knowledge to offer food manufacturers. His technical capabilities and creative vision elevate Food Service Promotions and any other commercial venture he assists with to the next level.

Jackie Errico

Jackie worked directly for McKee Foods (aka Fieldstone Bakery) as an employee and consultant with a focus on the school nutrition industry. This experience gives our company a unique perspective and understanding of the industry. She sees a great value in informing foodservice professionals of products that they would be interested in, and could fill a void in the products they currently have available - or that would offer a benefit compared to similar products.