We appreciate many of you taking the time to fill out the March survey regarding whole grains snacks and how they will fit into your menus based on the new school nutrition requirements

Note: There are differing opinions and interpretations of the new requirements, and many directors are still waiting to learn about the new requirements. We have compiled the results based on your answers in March/April 2012:

  • Individually wrapped whole grain snacks will still play an important roll in lunch, breakfast and after school snacks.
  • 86% of respondents said that whole grain snacks meeting 2 grain equivelents will still be important to their foodservice program.
  • 85% of respondents still plan on serving parfaits for breakfast at least sometimes (43% of these respondents serve parfaits frequently or always).
  • 64% of respondents still plan on serving parfaits for lunch at least sometimes.
  • 72% of respondents would consider serving chocolate whole grain snacks.
  • Comments indicate that many directors are opting out of serving whole grain desserts for lunch entirely or on a limited bases.  However, if they were to select one of our products, the Fruit Delights (Strawberry then Apple) were the leading choice for whole grain lunch desserts, followed by Totally Chocolate Bars and then Totally Apple Cinnamon Bars.
  • Totally Apple Cinnamon Bars had the highest interest for a potential breakfast product, followed closely by the Granola Packets 1.25 oz.  Strawberry Delights and Apple Delights followed closely behind the packets, with bulk granola falling next and Totally Chocolate Bars coming in last.
  • Apple Delights, Strawberry Delights and Totally Apple Cinnamon Bars were essentially tied as selections for after school snack, followed closely with Totally Chocolate bars.  A distant last place choice was the Granola Packets 1.25oz