“USDA FNS permanently eliminates the weekly grain maximums, thus making permanent the flexibility of daily and weekly ranges for grain alternates if documentation is compliant with the daily and weekly minimums.”

We asked a few questions about the new ruling, and the survey results are below.

  • What is the greatest benefit of this change for your organization?
    Below were the most frequent answers by school nutrition directors and managers:
    1. More flexibility with menu planning
    2. Easer to plan menus
    3. Easier to meet calorie ranges
    4. Greater selection on menu
    5. Healthier food and a learning opportunity for students to try new healthy foods
    6. Happier students that have a more filling lunch and don’t leave hungry
        (i.e. whole  sandwiches)
    7. Increased participation

  • What area of your menu will this change affect the most?
    82%  answered Lunch
    15% answered Breakfast
    1% –  Other
    1% – no response

  • With the elimination of weekly grain maximums, are you more likely to add a whole grain snack to your daily menus?
    54% – Yes, more likely to add snacks to their menus
    29% – No, not likely to add snacks to their menus
    17% – Possibly or undecided