Liz Purnell and Kim Stewart, Nutrition Instructors from Memphis City Schools, were kind enough to give us a few minutes to discuss their use of Fieldstone Bakery Products and other issues. They are currently using the 1.25 oz. granola packets with yogurt every Friday for breakfast in the class room. The granola-yogurt combination is also featured as their cold option on Fridays in the cafeteria. Each day they offer a hot, cold and grab and go selection for breakfast. They have been a little surprised by the continued popularity of the granola-yogurt combination.

They also use the Fruit Delights, or as they like to call them, “Barney faces”, as a grain in their after school program and with their fruit and yogurt plate. They have also used them with success in their summer lunch program and plan to use them again this year.

Memphis City Schools have tested the Totally Bars and they said it was a hit with the kids. They’ve also had a difficult time keeping samples in the office now that some of their building mates have found out they’re worth 3 points on Weight Watchers. They plan on putting them in their bids this year.

We asked them how it was going with the additional focus on whole grains and they both responded that the whole grain initiatives have gone very well and have been well accepted by the students. One example is their switch to whole wheat buns which have met little or no resistance. They believe the more difficult issue to face will be the new sodium guidelines and finding products that will appeal to student taste preferences. Their first few tastings have not gone as well as they would like

We appreciate the support of Liz, Kim and Memphis City Schools.