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Looking for a fun activity to do during the holiday season? Below are 3 easy ways to decorate gingerbread cookies!


Reindeer Cookies! Turn the gingerbread cookies upside down and make reindeer out of them! Cake Central used buttercream frosting to decorate them with (photo in the middle)! Cute, aren’t they?


We found another Reindeer Cookie (photo on left) that was made with mini-candy canes, candy eyes, red hots and Royal Icing to secure the decor on the cookie! Royal Icing is recommended because it hardens on the cookie and does not break apart.


Super busy with the holiday bustle? If you don’t have time to bake cookies, you can purchase FieldstoneĀ® Bakery Gingerbread Cookies and decorate with Royal Icing (use food coloring of choice to make different colors), red hots, sprinkles, colored sugar and sweet edibles to decorate with.

If you decorate gingerbread cookies this season and want to share a photo of your creations, or have a great suggestion on how to decorate gingerbread cookies, please submit your idea to: [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!