Some consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day.  Studies show that people who eat a healthy breakfast each morning are more likely to maintain a healthy weight.  Studies also show that students who eat a nutritious breakfast may show an increased ability to learn, higher test scores and decreased behavioral issues. With the new school requirements rolling out, participating schools will be offering some of the most cost-effective, balanced and healthy breakfasts to their students.

So, how do we convince the students that a nutritious breakfast served at school is a great choice?  Here are 9 fun suggestions to persuade your students to choose school nutrition meals over the competition.

  • Invite parents to breakfast.  Why not have a parents breakfast?  You could provide a sampling of the products you would serve the students with nutritional information and recipes.  And, you could offer one “”free breakfast voucher”” to the parent(s) as an incentive for their child to try your participate in your breakfast program again in the future.
  • Brand your breakfast program with the help of your students.  Ask the students to help your district create a brand name for your breakfast program, that is focused on either the nutritious aspects of the program, or the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast.  The winning student or class could win a fun privledge (field trip or special meal).
  • Breakfast Trivia.  Ask the students a question focused on nutrition each week.  They can write their answers down and place in a submission box.  Each week, a winner is randomly drawn and that student could win a free breakfast or small giveaway focused on nutrition.
  • Serve breakfast at lunch.  Consider serving some of your students favorite breakfast items at lunch such as whole grain muffins, egg sandwiches and parfaits.  They will get to sample some of your best breakfast items and it could create an increased interest in breakfast at school.
  • Taste test new or featured products with the students.  Have a table set up at lunch time with a new breakfast product.  This will allow the students to sample some of the great products that they may be missing at breakfast.  And, it could help educate them that they can get a healthy, delicious meal at school.
  • Loyalty program.  Many restaurants offer frequent user programs and it is shown that it can change a consumers behaviour.  Offer a giveaway to the student who has the highest participation in a given month.  If there is a tie, you can hold a drawing of those names.
  • Referral progam.  Reward a student for bringing a friend for breakfast with them for the first time.  
  • Promote throughout your school community.  There are various ways to promote your breakfast program throughout your school – such as fliers and daily announcements.  Students could assist in creating some great fliers that support your breakfast brand.
  • Celebrate National Breakfast Week.  Last week was National Breakfast Week and we know many districts did some really great things to promote to their students.