October and November are “National Breakfast” and “National Nutrition” Months.

I know you’ve heard the saying that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” This is true and what your residents/clients eat for breakfast can make a big difference in how they feel all day. Offering nutritious snacks and shared meals are great ways of highlighting these “National Months”.

Here are 5 ideas to help guide your residents/clients to eating and feeling better!

  1. Allow for flexibility for your residents’ breakfast. Offer a continental breakfast for the early and late risers, and a hot meal at a specified time, residents can choose whether to get up for the hot meal, or sleep in and eat a cereal bar or have granola.
  2. Offered a late night snack that is wholesome and filling. Have it available like the continental breakfast for healthy options for late night cravings.
  3. Invite resident’s families to join them for a better breakfast themed meal in October.  Even “breakfast for dinner” could be attractive to residents and a fun way to share a meal with their families and fellow residents.
  4. Offer a Saturday or Sunday luncheon or supper in November to highlight Nutrition Month. Invite resident’s families to share in this meal giving the resident another meal to look forward to and an opportunity to remind your residents’ families of the great nutritional program you offer.
  5. Offer a director’s breakfast during National Breakfast Month, keep it fun, have a local children’s choir perform and highlight your great nutritional breakfast offerings.