Summer is officially here! We’re all looking for quick, tasty treats that are filling and help us to cool off. Few things are easier on the taste buds that a scrumptious parfait made with good-tasting Fieldstone® Bakery premium original granola cereal paired with refreshing seasonal ingredients. Just thinking about it makes the mouth water. Try these recipes…

Red, White & Blue Granola Parfaits are great patriotic treat for Fourth of July with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and yogurt layered with whipped topping and crunchy granola. For the best taste, nothing beats fresh, local berries. The presentation of the layers in a tall glass adds to the fun. Get the recipe:

A Grilled Peach Parfait will make breakfast feel like eating dessert – and it is actually pretty healthy! This recipe calls for using caramelized grilled peaches cooked on the BBQ the night before, allowing time for them to cool before chopping and refrigerating for the next day. Butter and sugar can be spread on before cooking to soften and sweeten the peaches. It takes more time to prepare than some parfaits, but patience pays off in a tasty change up from the usual berries. Get the recipe at

Finally, for those who live for the taste of dark chocolate, we suggest the Banana, Chocolate Chip and Granola Greek Yogurt Parfait. It is easy to make for breakfast and will have everyone craving another. Sink your teeth into this sweet, healthy treat and start your day off right. This one is easy and fast enough to make that kids can try their own at home. See the recipe at .

Once prepared, these recipes should be served immediately or covered and refrigerated for a couple of hours. These summer parfaits all go great with Fieldstone® Bakery whole-wheat Granola products, available in single .6 ounce, single 1 ounce, single 2 ounce, and bulk 12 lb. 8 oz sizes. All of our granolas qualify for Cool School Café and Smart Snacks in Schools programs. They are made with whole grain oats, whole oat flour and molasses.

Don’t forget to serve the children these delectable treats with the proper tall glassware, including a long spoon to make each bite even tastier and fun.

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